“Your book helped me while I was going through chemo treatment!” These were the most powerful words uttered by a woman who read Vitamin C Healing for the Mind, Body and Soul: The Healing Workbook. Vitamin C was written because I wanted to highlight the need to address health and wellness from a holistic approach (mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually). More importantly, people who could not access HandinHand Counseling Services would be helped.
When writing the book I simply wanted to help those who were afraid to use their voice, unsure how to use their voice and those in search of their purpose. What do they want, need desire, fear and love? What makes them happy? What makes them cry? What brings them pain/pleasure? How can my story and experiences help the readers?
I entered the social work profession for the same reason I wrote Vitamin C; to help. As I evolved into this profession, I learned that just helping wasn’t a strong enough why to reach people who have experienced so much pain. Accompanying families to court hearings, school meetings and other interagency meetings to offer support and coordinate care with other providers was eye opening. I quickly noticed a disheartening trend; most families struggled to advocate for themselves or their children. This struggle was often connected to the stigma attached to families receiving social services. Witnessing this struggle, I spent time helping parents to get educated on the systems involved in their lives and building the confidence to advocate for their families. This experience also inspired the Family and Community Chapter of Vitamin C, where I delve more into how we can build stronger communities.
Being associated with the entities who founded the Indie Author Legacy Awards has been an empowering, yet humbling experience. Having the opportunity to be in the same room with so much success, passion, excitement, positivity, resilience and courage was surreal. Being honored as 2017 Author of the Year in the health and wellness category for a book written to inspire and encourage others felt like a win for the community as well as the helping profession.
Writing a book is an amazing accomplishment and your words become your legacy. Your words will transform lives. Your words become the solution to someone’s problem, the answer to a prayer, generational healing to intergenerational pain. Remember, healed people, heal people! “Your story can be the key that unlocks someone’s prison”~ Unknown
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Sharise Nance is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Speaker and Award Winning Author. She is the co-owner and co-founder of HandinHand Counseling Services, LLC; and the founder of VitaminChealing, an organization that provides services to non-profit organizations, social service organizations, helping professionals, entrepreneurs and caregivers struggling with self-care, burn-out and work-life balance. She has worked with a diverse population of children, families, adults and couples. Her areas of specialization include Trauma healing and recovery, relationship building, self-confidence building, depression, anxiety, work-life balance and family systems. Sharise has presented keynotes, workshops and seminars nationally for young professionals, entrepreneurs, parents and adolescents. She has been featured on Pittsburgh Cable Television’s (PCTV) Women in Business segment, The Lynne Hayes Freeland Show, Hustle & Heart Podcast with Darieth Chisolm, Pittsburgh’s Soul Pitt, The New Pittsburgh Courier, honored with an Entrepreneurial Leadership Award at Vision Towards Peace’s 2nd annual Passion Meets the Road Award Gala, won a second place award for Vitamin C Healing for the Mind, Body and Soul in the self- care/medicine category from the Author’s Zone 2014 Pittsburgh Author Awards. The Vitamin C Healing for the Mind Body and Soul Healing Workbook also won author of the year in the health and wellness category of the 2017 Indie Author Legacy Awards in Baltimore, Maryland. Sharise resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband.