Detox Diaries: My 12 Day Cleanse

I have tried several cleanses within the past 5 years.  Most of the detox systems I used in the past lasted approximately 3-7 days; often leaving me feeling tired, discouraged, irritable and hungry.  My body was getting rid of all the toxins and I was not replacing the toxins with the nutrients needed for energy and peace of mind.  This process taught me the importance of drinking plenty of water, getting lots of rest and fueling my body with the proper nutrients.  There are various detox programs on the market such as, but not limited to carb-lovers cleanse, juicing cleanses and vitamin kits.  There are so many options out there that it is common to get overwhelmed and questioning which is more effective and more importantly; which is the best option for me?

What if I told you there is a more “natural approach” to cleansing?!?  The focus is on eating fresh, natural, non-processed foods and drinking plenty of water.   You may be questioning: what do I need to get started and successfully complete this cleanse?

Tools needed for the 12 day cleanse:

Mindset: The first few days will be tough.  Your body is going through a detox, and your mind will trick you into believing you need those toxins (bad foods) for fuel.  Blocking and fighting these cravings will take mental strength and discipline.  Do you want to live with the short term pain of discipline or the long term pain of regret?  Keep your end in mind!

Accountability Partner (s):  When I did the cleanse, my health coach created a group chat.  This strategy allowed us to share our meals with the group, offer ideas, encouragement and support.  Some of us may prefer to do this independently.  Even if you choose this option, I highly recommend you seek out an accountability partner.  Choose a partner who will hold you accountable and tell you what you need to hear in order to achieve your goals.  An accountability partner is similar to a mentor who helps to push you beyond the limits of your potential.  We cannot achieve great things by remaining what we are.

Always have food available: Most people do not successfully complete cleansing programs because they fail to plan.  Because you are cleansing your body you will naturally feel hungrier and in the first couple of days you may feel tired as your body gets used to the process.  I cannot stress this enough, it is imperative to have healthy foods available.  Some prefer to plan for the week; others prefer to plan for the day.  I plan for about 3 days because that works for me.  Choose the option that works best for you and your schedule.  The last thing you want to experience is having a long, stressful day and not having healthy food available when you are hungry.  We must plan in order to experience success with this process.  Planning brings the future into the present so we can do something about it now.

Healthy Outlet: Cleansing our bodies should not be stressful.  However, it does require being mindful of every ingredient we are putting into our bodies; which can be a lot of work.  For those who are new to eating clean, it will require a lot more work and some lifestyle changes.  Change can create stress, so I encourage you to find a healthy outlet.  Some examples may include: leaning on your support group, using your accountability partner, prayer/meditation, reading a book, taking yoga class, exercise, watch your favorite movie.  Find a HEALTHY outlet to put your mind at ease and relax during this process.

What’s next?

There has been literature stating it takes 21-28 days to change a habit.  If this is true, you are very close to completely reversing bad eating habits upon completion of this detox program.  You have successfully completed close to 2 consecutive weeks of 100% clean eating and you should be proud.  Let’s not stop here.  Imagine the results you can achieve if you made a full commitment to a healthier lifestyle.  As a health coach, I have various options available to help you reach your health and wellness goals or to maintain you healthy lifestyle.  View options here or contact me at to get started with the cleansing program.

Clean eating is an investment in your health.  Invest now or pay later with your health.  Let’s do this together!!!!

For those who have completed a cleansing program and/or practice healthy eating habits, please share how this has impacted your life.